Christmas 2020 Selections
AA1Merry Christmas Card with Grandma Cora So Happy
that on December 4, 2020 Ciara Foley (8 years old)
won FIRST PLACE in the Southern Region Irish Dancing
OIREACHTUS Competition in Orlando, Florida.
A1Kate Smith – God Bless America 1943
A Patriotic Medley – Kate Smith, Bing Crosby…
Star Spangled Banner – Whitney Houston
A2Fairfax Bonds Approved in 2020
Sharon Bulova promised a 2020 bond referendum
for the Springfield Senior Center but was blocked
by the Springfield Supervisor. So, instead of having
our permanent senior center, we have to wait until
the 2024 bond referendum, unless it gets blocked again.
We should lobby hard to ensure the 2024 bond referendum
for the center for taxpaying Burke/West Springfield Seniors.
A3December 28, 2020 – Deadline for Application to join
The Virginia Redistricting Commission
A4Wonderful Merry Christmas Holiday Ad
Pentatonix Christmas Songs
180-Year Old Dancer – Spectacular Salsa
and (85 years old)
and (85 years old)
and (85 years old)
277 Year Old Drummer – Britain’s Got Talent 2020
368-Year Old Jenny Darren ROCKS!
480-Year Old Janey Cutler – Britain’s Got Talent
596-Year Old Nora Barton – Britain’s Got Talent
6Deaf Comedian Turns Tragedy Into Comedy
Your Life is the Most Precious Gift You Will Ever Have
7Deaf Singer Gets Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer
I Know One Day I’ll Get Through If I Will Try…
Ludwig Van Beethoven Documentary by BBC
Beethoven Deafness 1
Beethoven’s hearing began to deteriorate in the late 1790s,
yet he continued to compose, conduct, and perform,
even after becoming completely deaf.
Ludwig van Beethoven – Pianist & Composer | Mini Bio | BIO – YouTube
10 Beethoven Songs that You’ve Heard and Don’t Know the Name – YouTube
8Five Unforgettable Singers in America’s Got Talent Global
9Susan Boyle – I Dreamed A Dream
10Zurcaroh’s 2018 Death Defying Acrobatic Dance
2020 Zurcaroh in Paris with Spectators Wearing Shields
11Top 10 Craziest Figure Skating Olympic Performances
12Top Ten Dance Scenes in Dance Movies
#1 Singing in the Rain with Gene Kelly
13Sway with Rita Hayworth and Fred Astaire
and Dancing with Fred Astaire
and Top Ten Iconic Fred Astaire Dances
14Uptown Funk with Old Movie Stars
15The Evolution of Dance 1950 – 2019
16I’m Jealous – That You’re In Heaven Without Me by Josh Daniel
and Lyrics by Labyrinth
17Sir Sean Connery at AFI Lifetime Achievement Award
I got my big break when I was five years old – when I learned to read
Mike Myers Salute to Sir Sean Connery In A Kilt
18Remembering Alex Trebek
I Learned English Because of You
19Chadwick Bosewick on SNL Black Jeopardy
RIP Chad Bosewick – So Young, So Talented and So Sad
20Elisei Mysin on the Piano – Mozart Concert #3
21Andrei Rieu and 3-Year old Akim Camara
22Tennessee Ernie Ford and The Lucy Show
Tennessee Ernie Ford Sings The Army of the Free
23Grandpa Jones and Family – Neighbors
More Bluegrass Music
24Norwegian Bluegrass Band – Wayfaring Stranger
25The Queen and James Bond 2012 Olympics
26Top Ten Goals 2018 FIFA Russia
27Prado Museum Virtual Tour
28Covid-19 Response Plan for Older Adults
In November, I participated in the zoom discussion of
the Covid-19 Response Plan representing the
Burke/West Springfield Senior Center Without Walls.
29201203FoleyLetter to Editor:
Fairfax Fire Chief John S. Butler: American History Trailblazer
30Foley and 2020AARP Andrus Award for Community Service
YouTube Intro and Remarks by Corazon Sandoval Foley
AARP Press Release of 2020 Awards
December 2020 Burke Centre Conservancy on AARP Award
CoraFoley History Videos Youtube
1790 – Coffer Home Oldest in Burke – Sharon Bulova
December 10, 2020 – World Curiosity Day

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