ACrafts and 3D Printers
1Covic Pandemic 3D Printed Masks Tutorial
2How 3D Printing is Helping the Fight Against Coronavirus
33D Printing Face Shields with playlists
by 3D Printing Nerd
44/5/2020 Facebook – Boy Scout makes elastic holders for face masks
54/17/2020 George Mason Students 3-D Printing Face Masks/Shields
with CNN article:
BCrafts and Sewing
1ACDC Instructions for DIY Face Masks
1Videos for Sewing for Beginners
2Beginner’s Sewing Projects with playlist
by The Sewing Room Channel
3Doctor Explains How to Make Safest Face Masks
4Instructions for Olson Mask by Nurse
5How to Make Face Masks for Medical Personnel
610 Minute Face Masks to be sewn
7How to SEW Medical Face Masks
8Videos of NO SEW Face Masks
9No Sew Face Masks in 1 minute
10Matthew McConaughey Bandana Face Mask
11DYI Masks from TShirt No Sewing by JanHowell
CCrafts – Crocheting and Knitting
1Videos for Crocheting for Beginners
2How to Crochet for Absolute Beginners with playlist
by Simply Daisy
3Videos for Knitting for Beginners
4How to Knit for Beginners with playlist
by KnittingHelp.Com
DCrafts – Painting
1Videos for Crafts to Do When You’re Bored
215 Things To Do When You’re Bored:
3More Things To Do When You’re Bored:
45-Minute Crafts –
525 Bright Marker Projects:
638 Magical Pastel Art Techniques:
719 Must Know Painting Hacks for Beginners:
89 Easy Painting Ideas for Beginners:
96 Oil Painting Art for Beginners:
106 Wood Panel Art:
117 Easy Painting Ideas:
ECrafts – Write Books (Memoirs, etc.)
7 Books Published by Corazon Sandoval Foley since 2007 retirement
Videos on How to Publish A Book For Free
How to Publish a Book by SelfPublishingSchool
Videos on How to Write Local History
What is Oral History —
Interview on Burke Local History with Supervisor Cook
RCWoW Website Reminder – Crafts/Local History Writing
R1What is Oral History — by OralHistoryCentre
R2Foley Interview on Burke Local History with Supervisor Cook
R3Oral History of Growing Up in Burke Once Upon A Time:
R4FPA TV Show on Little Zion Baptist Church (Part 1 with 4 segments)
and part 2 and part 3 and part 4
R5FPA TV Show on Jeannie Dean – Manassas Woman of the Century
R6Coffer-Pearson Family Visited their Burke Ancestral Heritage:
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