Note: Tuesday beginners’ mahjong game will supplement the mahjong club
meeting since 2010 at the Pinn Center. Many Thanks to Chris Alther, our principal volunteer instructor and to Elaine Travis who has also volunteered to help. The Beginner Mahjong will meet on Tuesdays 10AM-12PM and the first meeting will be on second Tuesday March 10, 2020.
PS: Starting Thursday, March 19, 2020, Beginners Mahjong will be available
on Thursdays 10-12Noon until April 16, 2020.
Useful website links have been posted for the Mahjong (American) class: Particularly useful American Mahjong video:
1American Mahjong Instructional Video
2Top 10 Novice Pain Points:
3Series of Instructional American Mahjong Videos
4American Mahjong Summary of the Game:
5Tile Efficiency for American Mahjong:
6American Mahjong Videos to Build Your Skills:
7National Mahjong League Website:
Rules for Mahjong
1Rules for American Mahjong from Chris Altherr on 3/10/2020
2Rules for American and Chinese Mahjong:
3American Mahjong Rules PDF
4National Mahjong Card Practice – (and older card on websites)
5Mahjong in Depth – Chinese and American Mahjong:
Other Mahjong Videos (American and Chinese Mahjong)
1Chinese Mahjong:
2Chinese Mahjong:
3Mahjong Playlist
4American Mahjong — MahjongClass —
5More American Mahjong Videos —
6Chinese Mahjong in depth
7Chinese Mahjong Rules PDF
Mahjong Solitaire Online
1Mahjong Online Games — More
RCWoW Website Reminder — Mahjong
R1Crazy Rich Asians Movie – Explaining Mahjong Segment
R3Crazy Rich Asians Mahjong Scene with Aunt Eleanor
R4Crazy Rich Asians Official Trailer
R5Joy Luck Club Trailer
R62015 World Series of Mahjong
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