McKay Message of Gratitude

Chairman McKay on April 28th Ordered Fairfax County Flags at Half-Staff
Fairfax County Chairman Jeffrey McKay announced on April 28th that:  “I have also
asked that starting tomorrow (4/29), the Fairfax County flag fly at half staff at
County facilities in honor of the residents who have died of COVID-19 and in
recognition of the many essential workers who are responding to the pandemic.” 
On May 13, 2020, Fairfax County Chairman McKay thanked Good Neighbors
In Fairfax County good neighbors aren’t a finite resource 
These are unprecedented times. This pandemic is often characterized with
feelings of stress and fear. My family and I aren’t immune to those anxieties
either. Despite the chaos around us, the Fairfax County community rises
and continues to inspire me.
There are so many people in Fairfax vulnerable to this virus who can’t leave their
homes. So simple acts mean a lot, even if it is just picking up your neighbor’s
groceries or talking to a friend through their window when they need support.
On a bigger scale, a few weeks ago, my office connected a grassroots effort of
the Coalition of Asian Pacific Americans of Virginia to the Fairfax County Fire
Department. In the end, they donated over 5,000 masks to our fire fighters.
It was exciting to see how people can combine their resources and connections
to do so much good.
Every day I hear stories like these of kindness and generosity. I also receive
frequent requests from residents on how they can help in whatever capacity
they feel comfortable with. Although it is unfortunate that there is
so much need, it is also exciting that people can help in so many different
ways. Whether that is donating blood, working as a contact tracer,
or donating money to a local nonprofit, I think the Fairfax community
is relieved that they can give back in some way.
One great project in this spirit is Fairfax County’s Neighbor to Neighbor program.
The program run by our Health Department joins neighbors together to form
a volunteer group and connects them with their older neighbors who need help.
This way they can organize grocery and pharmacy pickups, transportation,
handy man services, or just a chance to socialize. It’s truly a grassroots initiative
with volunteers involved across the County.
This pandemic has made daily life difficult. Many of our community members
are suffering and the County is working nonstop to support our vulnerable
communities. But I am also grateful that we live in a place so well resourced
and giving. Because of this, Fairfax County will get through this.
Fairfax Chairman Jeffrey McKay’s Message of Gratitude is included in my book
More Burke Vignettes, 1728 – 2020: In Honor of Good Neighbors
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