August 30, 2021 – Congratulations Evan Braff (8/18/2021) and
Foley Petition for Sites/Interim Lease for Springfield Resource Center
The sites of Burke ES (10 Acres) and Foundry (5 Acres)
and 2-Acres near Ekoji Buddhis Temple and 1-acre off Lee Chapel Road.
Plus Interim Lease Option for DressBarn at Huntsman Square
AND Congratulations Evan Braff on your Promotion to Greater Career Challenges!!!
August 1, 2021 Foley Petition for Site for Springfield Resource Center:
The sites of the Burke ES (10 Acres) and Foundry (5 Acres) are possible
for the County to acquire 2 Acres for Springfield Resource Center
that has been rescheduled from 2020 to 224 Bond Referendum.
The County could also purchase one acre+ lots sold by owners with no HOA.
May 16, 2021 Foley Letter to Editor
Seeking Support for the Springfield Resource Center Planning
specifically, lease option possibilities (Foundry) and letters of support
for the BWSSCWoW project and the 2024 bond referendum
to the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.
April 14, 2021 Foley Testimony on Springfield Resource Center
On Wednesday, April 14, 2021, Corazon Foley presented a video testimony to the Board of Supervisors on the planned 2024 Referendum for the Springfield Resource Center. She stressed that the Springfield Resource Center resulted from years of petitions by the Burke/West Springfield Senior Center Without Walls. And its 2015 protest demonstration led to Sharon Bulova’s initiative in 2016 for a 2020 Bond referendum that did not occur. She made two requests: 1.) BWSSCWoW requested interim funding to pay churches for use of facilities for senior programs — just like the county pays schools. And 2.) BWSSCWoW requested participation in site selection for the Springfield Resource Center that would also offer programs for youths; BWSSCWoW strongly supports youth programs for many seniors are grandparents who help care for their grandchildren who for their part support BWSSCWoW understanding that healthy grandparents strengthen families and the whole community.
(start at 1:28:41 for testimony by Corazon Sandoval Foley of BWSSCWoW.
March 11, 2021 Open Letter to Burke Conservancy about Honoring Coffer Graves
and Burke Connection March 17, 2021:
“We would welcome any information that confirms the boundary of the cemetery and/or the presence and location of any additional gravesites beyond those currently marked,” said Jeannie Winslow, the Director of Administration at the Burke Centre Conservancy.
A 1969 survey conducted by the Pioneer America Society’s Tony Wrenn described a 54’x 60′ fence surrounding three graves with head and footstones. Thick undergrowth hid any additional burials. By 1998 the gravestone of HULDAH COFFER (1840-1903) was surrounded by a 15’x 15′ wooden fence
During Black History Month 2021, I asked an Alexandria archaeologist to review the site and he stated: I also suspect there might be burials beyond the existing fence. I think the modern parcel lines were placed where they are because that’s where that earlier, larger fence was when it was subdivided. Looking at the aerials, I don’t think there are burials as far west as the slide, but again, this is all just from looking at it and not actually doing any of the research or testing.
I believe that the Burke Conservancy should request that a Fairfax Archeologist actually do research on the Coffer cemetery.  The Virginia State Law on cemeteries indicates that desecration of gravesites is a felony and this is a great opportunity to right a wrong by the Burke Conservancy that probably did not realize this issue until I called it to their attention.  I understand that archaeological research could first  be done digitally without having to disturb the site.
And if in fact the Burke Conservancy were to find the gravesites of the Coffer Brothers, heroes of the War of 1812 who fought in the Siege of Baltimore and during the British attack on Washington, then the Burke Conservancy could celebrate the honor of having lived up to its vaunted record of being the most patriotic organization in our Burke hometown.  We owe it to American veterans, including my husband Mike who is a Vietnam Veteran, to honor their legacy and their gravesites.

NOTE: The Fairfax Commission installed an inaccurate historical marker for the Coffer Farm/Home and dismissed request by Mary Goins Roots for accurate marker
— and sent Fake Information to Senator Mark Warner in response to
my query to support a senior. The Commission’s undemocratic process
is ill treatment of a BWSSCWoW senior — and making a reality of
Frederick Douglass 1894 observation. Mary Goins Roots was one of
the first black principals of Fairfax County and may have been seen
as not staying in her place.
2024 Bond Referendum for Springfield Center in Budget Presentation:
February 23, 2021 Budget Presentation with the 2024 Bond referendum for the Springfield Center for which the Burke/West Springfield Senior Center Without Walls has petitioned and demonstrated for many years.
May 9, 2020 Petition for Senior/Community Center at EricksonatBraddock
I requested from Braddock Supervisor Walkinshaw and Chairman McKay that
a permanent senior center be developed at the EricksonatBraddock senior site
— at the four acres designated as community/recreation site.
I understand that we need to make the request to the whole Board of Supervisors (BoS) to amend a 2019 decision. I am arguing that there is a new BoS and a new
Braddock Supervisor who is vice-chair of the Older Adults Committee. Moreover,
NCS should manage the proffered area not the Park Authority; the coronavirus
pandemic showed that NCS was able to function and assist citizens, particularly
seniors, not the Park Authority which was shut down.
An NCS community/senior center like that of the Mott Center should be the project for the EricksonatBraddock by the Neighborhood and Community Services (NCS)
not by the Park Authority. I also reported that the Park Authority has not been
helpful like the churches, libraries and the Burke Conservancy with the request
for help by the Burke/West Springfield Senior Center Without Walls (BWSSCWoW).
I was told by a former Park Authority Chairman that she wants every penny
she could get from seniors ; that the Park Authority is more interested in money
— fees from seniors– rather than helping with request for activity space
from BWSSCWoW. She conveniently forgot the large taxes that seniors contribute
to the County without getting much in return ; we do not have children in schools
nor do we travel much so that seniors do not benefit as much from large education and transportation costs.
Facebook Posting of Petition on May 15, 2020
BWSSCWoW Petition for Permanent Center (and Activity Space while Waiting)
The Capital Investment Program has included the Springfield Community Resource Center — a success for the years-long petition by the Burke/West Springfield Senior Center Without Walls (BWSSCWoW). The bond referendum is scheduled for 2024. and
BWSSCWoW has petitioned Chairman Jeff McKay, Supervisors Herrity and Walkinshaw to push forward the bond referendum to 2020 — similar to what was done in 2016 for other senior centers. We also requested that the Pinn Center be expanded by using a trailer to expand activity space and expand the parking lot by using the basketball court. STAY TUNED!!!
On May 6, 2020, I sent a note to NCS asking if a grant application to AARP
could be made to fund (if we win) creating parking spaces by the basketball court
of the Pinn Center.
BWSSCWoW had succeeded in getting proper laminated flooring and reserved time at the Pohick Regional Library through the leadership of Chairman Sharon Bulova. We also succeeded in getting space from Supervisor Herrity with the West Springfield Community Center (police station) and from Supervisor Walkinshaw with the Braddock Hall. So let us cross our fingers and hope for even more success. I posted the history of the BWSSCWoW petitions in Facebook.
5/6/2020 Query to Linda Bufano of Braddock Supervisor James Walkinshaw’s Office:
This pandemic has got me thinking that the plans for the permanent facility for the
Burke/West Springfield Senior Center Without Walls (BWSSCWoW) would probably hit
the rocks again because of budget problems.
So I wonder if it would be possible to make a request from the Erickson Company
that is building the senior living facility off Braddock Road.
I wonder if a physical fitness facility could be built apart from the
senior living arrangements that could be used by BWSSCWoW programs.
That facility could be used by the community like a recreation center
similar to the Pinn Center. It would be like the arrangement done with the
Sunrise at Silas Burke — but on a larger scale since the
Erickson companies’ plan for the Braddock Road project
would be so much bigger.
I talked to a Sunrise lawyer while the negotiations with rezoning
were going on; she said that it would be possible for us to use
the facility for seminars or language programs, depending on the
demand for the facility.  Our physical fitness programs would not work
with that old Silas Burke House.
Her comments about the need for security for the senior residents 
made me think that the request from Erickson Companies would have
to be a separate facility for fitness programs like we do at the
Pohick Regional Library that was arranged by Sharon Bulova.
The advantage for the Erickson companies would be that their senior residents
would have access to a senior center nearby with physical fitness programs.
Take Care and Stay Safe at Home, Linda.  Best Regards.  Cora
CORONAVIRUS PETITION FOR 3D PRINTED FACE MASKS USING 3D PRINTERS OF FAIRFAX COUNTY. Sent petition to Jeff McKay on Sunday March 22, 2020 (and again on Facebook on Monday March 23, 2020) about making face masks against coronavirus using 3D printers in libraries and community centers: Jeff – Fairfax County can make face masks by using 3D printers in libraries and community centers. Those face masks to help in fight against coronavirus could be donated by Fairfax County to hospitals, nursing homes, senior homes (like Greenspring) etc. CNN had a show last night (3/22) about small groups in New York creating 3D printed face masks to help in fight against coronavirus (kind of Victory Garden 3Dprinters). Hope Fairfax can do the same. Best Regards. Cora Foley
On Thursday, March 26, 2020, I posted a Facebook note: Corazon Foley Many Thanks to Chairman Jeff McKay for showing outstanding leadership in responding to my request that Fairfax County produce 3D face masks that could be donated to hospitals, nursing homes and senior homes (like Greenspring). On March 24th ( day after I sent Jeff Mckay an email and Facebook note), he sent me the following note: Cora – Thanks for your email and for the out-of-the-box idea about 3D printing masks. I spoke with staff at Inova, and was informed that they’re planning to release information about what kinds of homemade (and in this case, printer made) masks will work for their employees very soon. They’re also planning to create a database where individuals who wish to help can register. We’ll keep a close eye on this, and I already put them in touch with individuals at the County who can help make masks from our end.
Thanks, Jeffrey C. Jeff Mckay
For Sharon Bulova – We miss you very much but we are very pleased at the leadership of Jeff Mckay who has been following in your tradition of innovative and compassionate leadership here in our home in Fairfax County. Thank you again Jeff Mckay for your leadership and I hope that Fairfax County 3D printed face masks/shields could help in protecting from illness our doctors, nurses and other caregivers in our Fairfax home. Best Regards. Cora Corazon Foley
3-D Printers’ Help during Coronavirus 2020
4/5/2020 Facebook – Boy Scout makes 3D printed ear guards for face masks
4/17/2020 FairfaxTimes — George Mason Students Making A Difference Assistance during Coronavirus Lockdowns
Facebook Posting – The website I created has web pages useful not just for seniors in the Burke/West Springfield Senior Center Without Walls (BWSSCWoW). Spanish and French and Book Club Resources are fairly extensive including flashcards for practice and could be used by students in isolation at home like our grandchildren Daniel and Ciara that their Mom Clare Foley is homeschooling . and There is an extensive list of history books most of which could be electronically loaned. And you guys can enjoy Asterix in Spanish and French to help ease the tension:
Asterix Gladiador is amusing remembering that we are all Gladiators nowadays with our social distancing.
Earlier FB Note sent below ——- Good Morning Facebook Friends. If any of you want to exercise at home, I created a website with line dancing, book club selections, tai-chi, etc. that you might want to try while in self-isolation. You could also try chair dancing: Hope the website helps in this time of coronavirus. Be Safe and Best Regards. Cora
4/17/2020 Note to NCS for Press Article:
Comments by Corazon Sandoval Foley:  Evan Braff and I co-founded the Burke/West Springfield Senior Center Without Walls (BWSSCWoW) in 2009.  BWSSCWoW has been thriving ever since, serving over 200 seniors in exercise programs. Earlier this year, I decided to expand BWSSCWoW offerings with free drop-in lifelong learning programs, like Spanish and book club, by creating a website for seniors to learn and practice at home:
When the coronavirus “Stay Home” lockdowns were imposed, I expanded the website to include other classes that are usually offered on-site, like line dancing and Zumba.  From April 1 through 17, 2020, the website has recorded 451 visitors and 1,789 views so it has been a daily help to many residents, particularly seniors. (PS – It is intriguing that my website visitors included those from South Korea, Ireland, Singapore, Finland, France, Canada, Austria and Netherlands. Must be relatives of BWSSCWoW seniors.)
RCWoW Website Reminders — Petition
2016 Foley Testimony to the Board of Supervisors
2016 Jim Garner Testimony to the Board of Supervisors
2016 Foley Testimony to the Board of Supervisors
2015 Testimory to the Board of Supervisors
2015 Testimony to the Board of Supervisors
4/29/2020 Petition related to 2020 Book: In Honor of Good Neighbors
Good Morning Taylor Holland:
I was wondering if Chairman Jeff McKay would be writing an article
praising the “Good Neighbors” of Fairfax County during the
coronavirus pandemic. I was going to ask him to write such
a foreword for the final version of a book that I had originally
published in 2015 as a first draft for the 91st birthday of
Bill Sheads (who died in 2017).
“More Burke Vignettes, 1728 – 2020: In Honor of Good Neighbors”
However, the book includes my complaint about the History Commission: 
“The story with 9th generation Mary Goins Roots has been obscured
as the History Commission ignored accuracy in black-and-white history
in pre-Civil War Burke.” My letter on pg 7 Burke Connection Aug. 11-17, 2016:
The Coffer Home has an inaccurate historical marker that needs
correction:  it has a wrong date of 1876 (again, Fairfax County records
show 1790) and a woefully inadequate text that ignores remarkable
contributions of the Coffer family, many of whom lived in and
were buried from that historic home to the nearby family cemetery
So, to avoid getting Jeff enmeshed in my complaints about the History
Commission, could he please write an article honoring Fairfax County’s
Good Neighbors in the time of Coronavirus  — and give me permission
to include it in my final version of the book “More Burke Vignettes,
1728-2020: In Honor of Good Neighbors.”
I was encouraged to write this request after watching Governor Cuomo
today (4/29) (3.2mn confirmed; 227.6k dead global; 1.063mn confirmed;
61.466k deaths US at 11:30pm; Virginia – 14,961 confirmed; 522 deaths;
Fairfax – 3,501 conf; 128 dead – Flag at half-mast in Fairfax County)
(4/29 covid-19 deaths exceeded American Deaths in Vietnam – 58,318;
US unemployment of 30 Million)
4/30 12pm (3.307mconf; 233.8kdeath; US – 1.096mn; 63,830deaths;
Virginia – 15,846 conf; 552deaths;
Fairfax – 3,664 conf; 138 dead) NY – 304.693conf; 18,330deaths)
state commendations that Jeff could say about
Fairfax County Good Neighbors:
“The American instinct is to be good neighbors.”
“Remember 95,000 American healthcare workers 
volunteered to help New York during our crisis.”
“The best of America is beautiful, and
that’s what we’ve seen,” Cuomo says.
Cuomo has extended his tagline about New Yorkers
being tough, smart, disciplined, unified and loving to Americans.
Thanks again for all that you and the Chairman have done
to assist Fairfax County residents, including seniors.
Take Care and Stay Safe at Home.  Best Regards.  Cora Foley
4/30 Followup with Taylor Holland:
I have a pix with Cuomo saying that “Americans help each other in crisis
we are good neighbors”, Taylor.  (attached)
So that should work as the opening statement for the Appendix for my book 
“Burke Vignettes, 1728-2020: In Honor of Good Neighbors.”
I am collecting stories of good neighbors like the GMU students.
So there is no need for me to include any article
about Fairfax Good Neighbors from Jeff
for which he might be criticized by the History Commission.
Thanks again Taylor — and it would be good for Jeff
to make a statement lauding the works of good neighbors in Fairfax.
Best Regards.  Cora Foley

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