Filipino (Tagalog) Resources
Videos for Learn Tagalog for Beginners
Learn Filipino with FilipinoPod101
50 Filipino Phrases for Beginners
Tagalog Made Easy Videos
Learn Tagalog Conversations by LearnTagalogWithFides
Filipino Flashcards –
Learning Filipino Languages by Canadian BecomingFilipino
Filipino (Tagalog) Books Online
Project Gutenberg Tagalog Books Online
Balarilang Tagalog by Mamerto Paglinawan
Noli Me Tangere by Jose Rizal
Ang Filibusterismo by Jose Rizal
Liham sa mga Kadalagahan by Jose Rizal
Florante at Laura by Francisco Balagtas
Nasawing Pagasa by Angel de los Reyes
Pilipino Books for Learning Tagalog by MarissaRivera
Tagalog Videos and Movies
National Museum of the Philippines in Facebook
Videos on Philippine History Documentaries
History of the Philippines
Filipinas (Spanish Philippines) by Neptuno Azul
Philippines Vintage Photos 1898-1901
Old Philippines 1900
Throwback Metro Manila (learn Tagalog with the song)
Manila 1920-1940 from markjo2504
Manila in Technicolor 1960s
Manila 1950s to 1970s
The Last Manilaners — How the Philippines saved 1,300 Jews in WWII
Esquire January 22. 2020
Documentary on 2015 Wallenberg Medal Award to Quezon and Filipino People
More Video Clips from the Last Manilaners
Quezon’s Game — 2019 movie — by iwant
Videos for Tagalog Fairy Tales
Filipino Fairy Tales
Learning Tagalog through Songs
Buwan tagalog songs with english translation by
Philippine National Anthem (Spanish, English, Pilipino) by ASEANYO
Filipino Folk Dances
Philippine Folk Dance Music by OPMClassics
Philippine Folk Songs by MarlonLacsamana
Song “Anak” in Spanish and Pilipino by Neptuno Azul
Sacramento Filipino Americans Philippine Culture Programs
How to Cook Filipino Food Videos
Videos on how to make Philippine Parol (Lantern)
Filipino Blessing Lola “Mano Po” and “Ang Pasko ay Sumapit”
Travel in Philippines and Asia
Visit Philippines – Favorite Spots by Travel Gretl
Visit Philippines — with drone/timelapse by 50ShadesYellow
Philippines Travel Videos by BennTK
My Ultimate Philippines by TravelGretl
Top 10 Philippines2020 by Finn Snow
Philippines in 4K by Gleb
Manila Travel Guide by UNTVNewsRescue
Aurora Province Philippines by Free Documentary
Coron Palawan Philippines by GMA
Maquinit Hot Springs Coron by CeLAdventures
17 Most Beautiful Islands 2020 by Touropia (#6Palawan)
2019 Highlights Southeast Asian Games in Manila
by 2019SoutheastAsianGames
Manila 2019 Southeast Asian Games Favorites
The Philippine Athletes – 2019 Manila Southeast Asian Games
Quick Step Performance at 2019 Manila Southeast Asian Games
Philippine History and Classic Photos/Videos
Throwback Metro Manila (learn Tagalog with the song)
Philippine Vintage Photos – 1898 – 1901
Photos – Manila Now and Once Upon A Time
part 2 — part 3 — part 4 — part 5 — part 6 — part 7
Little Manila in California by KVIE
Historia de Manila Facebook, Wikipedia & Malacanang
RWebsite Reminders – Filipino
R1Throwback Metro Manila (learn Tagalog with the song)
R2Visit Philippines – Favorite Spots by Travel Gretl
R3Quick Step Performance at 2019 Manila Southeast Asian Games
R4Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle on Facebook
R5Sandoval Stories by Corazon Sandoval Foley
Palawan Stories of the Philippines and Vallejo
Coron, Palawan on wikipedia and Claudio Sandoval of Iloilo
Vallejo is AwesomeVallejo by the Bay
What I Love About VallejoVHS Monday Update
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